Entertainment VR using Mobile Platforms |

Mobile Virtual Reality Research Center has founded June, 2016 at Sejong University.
Through 4 years of research period, our goal is to secure mobile VR source technology and train professionals with integrated academic knowledge and practice skill. Our research fields include core element technologies such as VR content representation, editing, transformation and transmission technology, high-quality audiovisual reproducing technology, mobile VR interaction technology and content creation and application technology combining stereo drons and mobile VR technology, and developing consumer-based entertainment application services.

Realistic Facial Rendering |

Our main goal is developing realistic, intuitive modeling of human faces.
We develop a sketch-based interface that allows the users to sketch facial features and details such as wrinkles onto a given 3D face to modify the geometry and texture of the skin of the face. In this research, we deveope a deformation algorithm with face specific regularizations, a novel facial fine-scale detail synthesis algorithm, an improved analysis and classification of patches of images of human faces, and an improved understanding of the perception of realistic faces via user studies.

Virtual Reality with Freeform Architecture |

The need for realistic experience of the space
of the virtual architecture is growing. We develop a technique to explore virtual freeform architecture with stereo 3D rendering. We analyze visual discomfort caused by physical and virtual parameters and measure JND(Just Noticeable difference) to reduce visual discomfort during the navigation. The proposed technique can be adaptively customized with automated virtual space navigation.

Medical Imaging and Visualization |

Medical image analysis and simulation is becoming important.
We develop a technique to visualize and analize anatomic shape using volume data extracted from the MR image. The analyzed data is visualize on 3D display with haptic interface for the simulation such as virtual surgery, or dignosis.